Ministry of Health of Russia began to research hemp

Chief freelance specialist psychiatrist-narcologist of the Russian Ministry of Health Evgeny Bryan said that Russian experts began to research hemp. They are tasked with assessing the therapeutic potential of the plant.

Russian researchers are looking for safe cannabinoids

Bruhn stated that smoking marijuana leads to psychosis in 1-3% of cases. In his opinion, the psychotic reaction caused by the use of cannabis is difficult to treat and renders the patient incapable. Therefore, the main goal of scientists is to find cannabinoids that do not have side effects. Eugene noted that scientific research has just begun, in connection with this it is too early to draw definitive conclusions about the medical potential of hemp.

Speaking about the relationship between psychosis and cannabinoids, Brun can refer to a study by British scientists published in March 2019. The authors of the project concluded that daily smoking of marijuana increases the likelihood of psychosis by three times, and if a person consumes varieties with a high concentration of THC then five times. Nevertheless, Canadian psychiatrists led by Dr. Nathan Gillespie questioned the results of the work of British colleagues. They drew attention to the fact that the researchers did not take into account the inverse correlation hypothesis, which suggests that people suffering from psychosis have a tendency to smoke marijuana. According to Gillespie, to date, there is not a single fact proving that the use of hemp increases the likelihood of a psychotic reaction.

Hospice employees kill patients with cannabis

Bruhn noted that in some American, Canadian, and European hospices, hemp products are given to patients to alleviate their suffering. The narcologist expressed his opinion about this decision: “A controversial story, or maybe they accelerate just the outcome.”

However, American doctors do not agree with the opinion of the Russian psychiatrist. In May 2019, the results of a study on the use of hemp in the provision of palliative care were presented. It was attended by 310 employees of 40 hospices. 91% of them supported the issuance of cannabinoids to patients. According to experts, cannabis helps eliminate pain, vomiting, anxiety, and drowsiness. In many North American hospices, cannabinoids are used instead of traditional drugs so that dying people remain conscious and can communicate with their relatives until the last minute of life. Opioids do not give patients this opportunity.

Bruen has changed his attitude towards medical hemp

In May of this year, Brun said that Russians can do without cannabis-based drugs because pharmaceutical companies have already produced effective drugs to treat various diseases. The narcologist expressed confidence that the use of cannabinoids in medicine is the first step towards the legalization of drugs.

Almost half a year later, Eugene spoke at a press conference “Russia Today” about “serious research on the medical use of hemp” and said that he did not know how they would end. Why the Ministry of Health specialist has changed his skepticism towards cannabis is unknown.

The study of hemp was planned in early 2019

In January 2019, the Ministry of Health developed a bill to increase the quota for the import of cannabinoids for the organization of scientific research. The explanatory note indicated that the substances will be studied on the basis of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Endocrine Plant”. Therefore, most likely, the experiments mentioned by Bryan are carried out by plant employees using imported cannabinoids.

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