16 Mediterranean-Style Homes with Global-Inspired Beauty (2024)

With ties to historic European architecture, Mediterranean-style homes are reminiscent of sun-soaked, seaside locales. The elegant exteriors often feature red roof tiles, stucco walls, arches, and enclosed outdoor spaces. These Mediterranean-inspired homes showcase timeless style with global appeal.

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Mediterranean Architecture

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Mediterranean-style homes are heavily influenced by the architecture of Spain, Italy, and other European countries, including France, Portugal, and Greece. With its emphasis on warmth and outdoor living, the aesthetic is often associated with wealth and a leisurely lifestyle. Stateside, it gained widespread appeal in the 1920s, especially in California and Florida, where it continues to be a popular home style today.

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Small Mediterranean Houses

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Mediterranean houses often boast sprawling, symmetrical facades, but smaller structures can carry off this style. This modest home uses unmistakably Mediterranean stucco walls and a classic tiled roof with a more approachable look. Several arched openings across the front create a breezeway that offers shade and facilitates cool air flowing into the house.

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Mediterranean Home Exteriors

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Mediterranean-style homes vary depending on the specific architectural influences, but many showcase similar exterior elements. Typical characteristics include:

  • Arched doors and windows.
  • Wrought-iron details.
  • Clay roof tiles.
  • Stucco walls.
  • Spacious outdoor living areas.

Several of these distinctive exterior Mediterranean features, including the stucco and roof materials, are intended to help keep these homes cool in hot, sunny climates.

Mediterranean-Style Home Design

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Celebrate the colors and textures of Mediterranean-style homes with an inviting mix of aged patinas, lush landscaping, and open outdoor rooms. A medieval castle in Italy inspired the architecture of this made-to-look-old home. Rust-colored stucco siding, clay roof tiles, and an eye-catching arched entrance invoke countryside charm.

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Luxury Mediterranean Home

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This large Mediterranean-style home puts a luxurious twist on traditional Spanish architecture. Reclaimed clay roof tiles and limestone-trimmed exterior windows and doors remain faithful to the home's European inspiration outside. Gas-powered lanterns, simple iron railings, and arched French doors imbue the exterior with old-world style.

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Mediterranean Outdoor Living Spaces

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Outdoor living spaces play a significant role in Mediterranean-style home plans. Abundant plantings often surround large porches, patios, and courtyards. This Mediterranean-style home relies on several patios and loggias (rooms with at least one open side) to graciously extend its livable square footage for gatherings with family and friends. Climbing plants, wrought-iron fixtures, and arched doorways add more Mediterranean charm.

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Mediterranean Home Exterior Elements

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The front porches of Mediterranean houses, especially those with Italian influences, are often defined by stone columns spanned by arches. Roofs feature wide, overhanging eaves with large brackets under the roofline. A variety of terra-cotta tiles top this stucco home, mimicking the look of reclaimed Italian tile without sacrificing durability.

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Modern Mediterranean-Style Home

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Mediterranean-style homes generally have an old-world look, but it's possible to apply the style in a modern way. Taking cues from Tuscan landscapes, this home exterior pairs limestone and stucco with over-grouted terra-cotta roof tiles to lend an authentic Italian look. However, a crisp exterior color palette and clean-lined windows with sleek black frames give this modern Mediterranean home a contemporary edge.

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Mediterranean Landscaping

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Vibrant landscaping adds inviting curb appeal to Mediterranean-style homes. These gardens often feature lots of contrast, such as soft foliage against stone walls or tall, sprawling vines next to tidy clipped hedges. A curving walkway garden adds interest to this Mediterranean-style home exterior covered in greenery.

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Italian Mediterranean Home

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This Mediterranean-style home is inspired by Italian architecture and applies elegant, authentic design. Clay roof tiles, grand arches, and a mix of stone and stucco give the exterior a classic Italian appearance. Arches are used inside and outside the home to impart a sense of history.

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Colorful Mediterranean Homes

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Mediterranean-style homes typically feature warm, neutral exterior colors, but they can also be painted in more vibrant colors such as sky blue, light gold, or even pink. In addition to the stucco, roof, doors, and trim colors, the landscaping can factor into a bright exterior palette. Here, colorful plantings tie the colorful Mediterranean house to the surrounding lawn and landscape. The homeowner chose flowers and greenery at all levels to draw attention to the two-story design of the house, as well as the front porch and two balconies.

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Spanish Mediterranean Homes

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Spanish Mediterranean-style homes are typically built with clean-lined shapes and low-pitched roofs. However, more striking Spanish-style homes might also feature intricate tilework, as seen above and around the front door of this house. The windows with wrought-iron details are another Mediterranean design touch.

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Mediterranean Homes and Gardens

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Mediterranean houses are particularly well-suited to warm-weather locations, such as California, Florida, and Arizona, where living outdoors is an all-year-long activity. Indoor living areas are designed to flow seamlessly into outdoor rooms, including gardens, courtyards, loggias, terraces, and patios. This Mediterranean home has vast outdoor areas where the homeowners and guests enjoy gardening, entertaining, and relaxing.

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Spanish Mediterranean Architecture

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This Southern California home references Spanish and Mediterranean architecture. Its low-pitched roof with red tiles and the home's stucco siding are perfect examples of Mediterranean design. Shutters flank the windows. Brackets at the bottom of the windows add architectural interest and a rustic look. The warm, earthy color palette takes its cue from natural colors in the Spanish countryside.

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Mediterranean Home Exterior Details

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Stone walkways are a common characteristic of Mediterranean-style homes and gardens. The curved, red brick walkway leading to this home reflects the roof tiles in both color and pattern. Flowers along the path provide bursts of color.

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Mediterranean-Style Stucco

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Inside and out, stucco is one of the most recognizable features of Mediterranean homes. These thick walls help keep the heat out during the day to maintain a cool interior in warm climates. Crisp white stucco covers the exterior of this Mediterranean-style home, defined by stylized arches and wrought-iron accents.

Architectural Home Styles

Mediterranean homes are only one of the many architectural styles seen nationwide. Some of the most frequently seen in neighborhoods from coast to coast include ranch style, often with open floor plans, and the most often used layout for midcentury modern homes. Colonial-style homes are usually found in older parts of the country, including the Midwest and New England. They typically have an eye-pleasing symmetrical facade. Simple Craftsman-style homes gained popularity as a response to the more ornate design of Victorian architecture.

16 Mediterranean-Style Homes with Global-Inspired Beauty (2024)


How much does it cost to build a Mediterranean-style home? ›

Building a Mediterranean-style house costs anywhere between $350,000+ to more than a million dollars. The wide range in cost is, of course, due to the variety of factors it takes to build a home, including materials, laborers, seasonality, and location of the house.

What is the best color for a Mediterranean house? ›

The experts at BEHR paints suggest, “Colors that work well for Mediterranean-style stucco homes vary from white to warm gray to rich tones of light gold and brick."

What are Mediterranean-style homes called? ›

Mediterranean architecture is often called Spanish Colonial, Moroccan, Mission Revival, and Neo-Mediterranean, among other names. Despite differences in influences and styles, all Mediterranean-style homes are meant to be a relaxing retreat that connects the homeowner with nature.

Where are Mediterranean houses most popular? ›

Mediterranean Home With Arched Front Door

Many homes in California and Florida, states which have Spanish histories, were built in this style.

What style home is most expensive to build? ›

What many might not be aware of is that the style of a home can also have a major impact on its price. A Mediterranean-style home sold in the U.S. costs an average of $1.32 million, while a ranch-style home costs less than a fifth of that.

What is the most expensive style of home? ›

The Most & Least Expensive Home Styles, Overall

Mediterranean-style homes are the most valuable on our list, with an average price of $884,745. Mediterranean homes take inspiration from the traditional houses in countries such as Spain, Italy, and Greece.

What color house looks the most expensive? ›

6 Paint Colours That Make Your Home Look Expensive
  • Dark grey.
  • White.
  • Cream/Off-white.
  • Green.
  • Pale pink.
  • Red.
Mar 14, 2024

What is the luckiest house color? ›

Red is believed to be an auspicious color that brings good fortune, happiness, and success. However, there are also other colors that are associated with different areas of life and can bring good luck when used appropriately in Feng Shui. For example: Green is associated with growth, abundance, and vitality.

What is the most popular house color for resale? ›

White and cream colors work well

It's the top choice for 61% of experts1 when selling a home. These colors are easy to paint over and reflect light, so your space feels brighter and more versatile.

What states have Mediterranean style homes? ›

Mediterranean homes are most popular in warmer locations with long histories of Spanish influence, such as Santa Barbara, CA, Pasadena, CA, Austin, TX, and Miami, FL. One of the most recognizable examples of a Mediterranean mansion is the iconic Hearst Castle in San Simeon, CA.

What type of roof does a Mediterranean house have? ›

“Typical exterior elements for the Mediterranean style include a stucco-finished exterior and a low-pitched gable, clay terracotta-clad roof. Arched openings are often employed sometimes with ironwork railings or plantings in temperate climates.

What states have Mediterranean homes? ›

Also referred to as Spanish Modern, Mediterranean houses are found across the country, although they're most common in warm-weather climates that are comparable with the temperate Mediterranean countries'—in California, Florida, and other southern states.

How to decorate a Mediterranean-style house? ›

Across the region, Mediterranean homes opt for a neutral setting. Textured white walls combine with natural woods for a warm, inviting atmosphere. Amp up the color of the space with rich textiles and tilework or keep it simple with rustic yet elegant furnishings.

What makes a Mediterranean house unique? ›

Mediterranean homes are unique in their exterior appearance. The stucco walls add a textured look that are painted in warm colors such as terracotta, beige or cream. The remarkable red tiled roof adds timelessness and warmth to the home.

Are Mediterranean houses expensive? ›

“Mediterranean (construction) costs more because of the finishes. For example, a clay barrel-tile roof costs a lot more than a flat single-ply roof. The stone trim around exterior windows, fascias, stone columns and the ornamentation in general on a Mediterranean home cost bucks.

What is the average size of a Mediterranean house? ›

Anywhere between 1,000 to 3,000+ sq ft and 1-3 stories.

How much does it cost to build a 1000 square foot cottage? ›

Cost to Build a Cottage by Size
SizeModular Cottage Costs (Labor Included)Stick-Built Cottage Costs (Labor Included)
800 sq.ft.$112K - $160K$136K - $240K
1,000 sq.ft.$140K - $200K$170K - $300K
1,500 sq.ft.$210K - $300K$255K - $450K
2,000 sq.ft.$280K - $400K$340K - $600K
2 more rows

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