Cannabis exhibition opened in Borovsk

In the art museum “House of Happiness”, located in the city of Borovsk, Kaluga Region, an exhibition of hemp has opened. The project was implemented with the support of the “Art Group Bureau”.

Borovsk was the center of the Russian cannabis industry

The museum management decided to create an exposition dedicated to hemp because until the middle of the 20th century Borovsk was the commercial and industrial center of the Russian cannabis industry. In tsarist times, local merchants traded in hemp seeds, oil and hemp, and in Soviet times, oil mills operated in the city. Kaluga artists preferred to paint on hemp canvases, as this material is resistant to moisture, light, and rot holds the soil base well and practically does not deform.

Old Believers lived in the Borovsky district, for which hemp seeds and oil are one of the main components of lean dishes. In addition, until the beginning of the 19th century, two sailing factories functioned in the city, providing the Russian fleet with sails, ropes, and hemp meats.

The mayor of Borovsk, Angelika Bodrova, and the head of the Borovsky district, Nikolai Kalinichev, supported the initiative of the art museum. Bodrova said that the inhabitants of the village from ancient times produced various products and foodstuffs from cannabis, in this regard, the exhibition reflects the local flavor and preserves the cultural heritage of the region.

Hemp exhibition exhibits in Borovsk

The following exhibits are displayed on the exhibition shelves:

  • cannabis folk crafts;
  • textile products;
  • Food;
  • souvenirs and books;
  • bedding for cattle, ropes.

Cannabis products under the brand name feel right

During the opening of the exposition, a presentation of hemp products under the FeelRight brand from the company Mordovian Penkozavody LLC took place. Museum guests took part in a tasting of hemp oil, Hempsty chocolate paste, hemp flour pasta, smoothies, and cocktails. feel the right products can be purchased at the Lucky Happiness gift shop.

Anastasia, an employee of the MU MU Art Museum of Garbage, believes that cannabis products contain a large number of useful substances and trace elements, so the main goal of the exhibition is to introduce Russians to environmentally friendly hemp products.

The Mordovian Penkozavody company produces under the FeelRight brand peeled hemp seeds, oil, fire, heaters, fiber and a nonwoven fabric made from hemp wool (used in construction and agriculture). In March 2019, the company presented its cannabis building materials at the International Exhibition “Wooden House” and received a certificate.

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