The head of “Sober Russia” accused the UFC of promoting cannabis in the Moscow tournament

The head of the Sober Russia organization and a member of the Civic Chamber, Sultan Khamzaev, accused the MMA of UFC promotion of hemp at the UFC Fight Night 163 tournament, which took place in Moscow at the CSKA Arena on November 9.

UFC advertises Aurora Cannabis hemp products

Khamzaev sent a letter to Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika in which he wrote that during the competition the logo of the Canadian hemp company Aurora Cannabis and its brand ROAR SPORTS were shown on the sports complex screen. According to the Sultan, 11,350 visitors to the event, who were in the arena, and several million viewers saw the cannabis ad. He notes that minors were present in the sports complex, as tickets were sold without age restrictions. Thus, the promotion promoted banned substances in Russia among adults and children.

A public activist called Aurora Cannabis a drug syndicate seeking to expand the audience of drug users in the Russian market. He noted that the company’s website posted photographs of cannabis and marijuana. According to Khamzaev, the prosecutor’s office should check for violations of the law and hold the promotion accountable for drug propaganda under Article 6.13 of the Administrative Code. If the UFC’s guilt is proven, then the organization, as a legal entity, faces a fine of 800,000 to 1 million rubles and confiscation of advertising materials. Logically, we can conclude that the employees of CSKA Arena are accomplices of the UFC because they agreed to advertise the hemp brand using the equipment of the sports complex. Therefore, it remains a mystery why the Sultan accuses only foreign promotion.

UFC and Aurora Cannabis Collaborate

The leading UFC fighting organization announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Aurora Cannabis in May 2019. As part of the collaboration, the enterprises conducted clinical trials of cannabinoids at the UFC Performance Institute to evaluate the effectiveness of hemp as an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory drug, and a drug to accelerate recovery from injuries and improve the mental state of athletes. As a result of the experiments, Aurora Cannabis and the UFC have developed CBD products and are planning to launch them under the ROAR SPORTS brand. Products are positioned as a bioactive supplement for athletes and advertised under the slogan: “Faster, stronger, sooner.” “Rather,” in this case, means faster recovery.

The head of the research project, Duncan French, said that scientists are faced with the task of creating innovative drugs to improve the health and well-being of athletes. French partner Dr. Dick is confident in the high therapeutic potential of cannabidiol. He said that doctors are developing products that best help fighters recover from severe injuries and return to duty. Promotion President Dana White said the cannabinoid test project will benefit not only UFC athletes, but all people suffering from chronic pain and recovering from injuries or surgeries.

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