The first death of cannabidiol vape fluid in Belgium

Belgian doctors documented the first death of cannabidiol vape fluid (CBD). The victim was Rafael Pauvaert, an 18-year-old resident of Brussels.

Vaporizer Fluid Respiratory Disease

According to investigators, Rafael used a legal liquid for an electronic cigarette with CBD, which he gave a friend for his birthday. First, the young man developed a cough, a few days later he was hospitalized due to shortness of breath. Doctors were forced to inject Pauwaert into an artificial coma because his blood had too low levels of oxygen. After 26 days (November 6), it was decided to turn off the life support system, as the patient’s lungs failed.

The father of the Belgian Thierry said that his son played rugby and was in good health: “The disease broke him in a week. After 26 days in a coma, our boy died. I hope that Raphael’s death will help prevent the spread of the viper epidemic.”

Doctors believe that Pauvaert died due to pneumonia. They studied all the possible causes of the disease and came to the conclusion that respiratory disease developed precisely because of fluid with CBD. Dr. Luke-Marie Jacket said: “We believe that inhaling vapors from an electronic cigarette caused pulmonary insufficiency, due to which Rafael died.” On November 11, it was reported that a 16-year-old Briton, Evan Fisher, was admitted to the hospital due to a respiratory illness that occurred after using a vaporizer. Therefore, we can conclude that the disease of vapers is beginning to spread throughout Europe.

Vape is unhealthy

The report of the World Health Organization indicates that electronic cigarettes are harmful to health, so they can not be recommended to people who want to quit smoking. Employees of the US Department of Health placed vaporizers on the list of hazardous products after the wiper epidemic claimed the lives of 39 people and over 2,000 U.S. citizens ended up in hospital beds. As a result of a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it was found that 86% of patients consumed fluids with THC; in this regard, experts suggest that toxic substances were contained in cannabinoid products.

Massachusetts bans selling hemp fluids

On November 12, the US Michigan Cannabis Control Commission quarantined all cannabinoid vaporizers. The director of the department, Sean Collins, said that specialists will conduct additional research on samples of hemp products and develop regulatory measures based on the data received. Up to this point, electronic cigarettes and liquids should be withdrawn from circulation.

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