Hemp does not have to be washed before harvest

Cannabis fertilizer manufacturing company RX Green Technologies has conducted a study on the need for cannabis washing before harvesting. During the experiments, it was found that this procedure does not always improve the quality of marijuana.

Why rinse cannabis?

Hemp washing is a common practice, which involves abundant watering and stopping fertilizer application. Cannabis begins to be washed 7-14 days before harvest to reduce the percentage of nutrients and salts in the plant mass. Rinsing improves palatability and increases the flammability coefficient of marijuana.

Blind tests did not confirm the need for washing cannabis

RX Green Technologies employees used Cherry Diesel hemp cultivated in coconut in the trials. 12 bushes of the plant were divided into four groups:

  1. without rinsing;
  2. with washing seven days before harvesting;
  3. with washing 10 days before harvesting;
  4. with washing 14 days before harvesting.

First, raw cannabis was sent for laboratory studies, which showed that the inflorescences of all samples contained approximately the same concentration of nutrients and minerals, cannabinoids and terpenes. Then marijuana was tested by experts from the cannabis industry. After analyzing the data of blind testing, the company’s specialists came to the conclusion that the participants in the experiments gave the highest scores for taste and flammability to plants that were not washed. Moreover, the duration of washing did not affect the aroma and softness of the smoke.

In what cases should hemp be washed?

Stephanie Widrick, the author of the research project, believes that the results of one test cannot serve as the basis for making changes to the established hemp cultivation technologies. However, she believes that growers should take into account the data of scientific tests: “Everyone has their own unique hemp cultivation system, which consists of a large number of components. But not all growers have the same technology due to different secondary factors. Therefore, I recommend experimenting and design your own scheme. ”

The farmer Danny Danko noted that cannabis must be washed to get rid of an excess of fertilizer. Grovers who add only the required amount of nutrients to the soil can do without flushing. Danko advises always adding a little less fertilizer than indicated on the package, as the deficit is easy to fill, and the surplus is difficult to remove.

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