Elon Musk apologizes for smoking marijuana in the podcast Joe Rogan

In September 2018, the famous inventor Elon Musk smoked a jamb with marijuana during a podcast with the American comedian Joe Rogan. Almost a year later, the billionaire apologized to the staff of his company SpaceX and Tesla for such a rash move.

A cigarette roll with marijuana cost taxpayers $ 5 million

Musk smoked the most expensive marijuana cigarette and can rightfully make his achievement in the Guinness Book of Records. After the podcast, NASA initiated a SpaceX test for drug use. $ 5 million from the US budget was spent on the inspection. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine commented on the decision of the Aeronautics Administration: “Our agency is responsible for its employees. We had to prove to the Americans that the astronauts are safe.”

NASA representatives praised the operation of SpaceX and the measures the company is taking to prevent employees from using drugs in the workplace. The press service of SpaceX said that the company is actively promoting a responsible approach to work and is confident that specialists do not violate internal rules prohibiting the use of psychoactive substances.

SpaceX employees should not use any drugs

Elon sent an email to all SpaceX employees, apologizing for smoking marijuana and admitting that it was a rash act on his part. Musk drew attention to the company’s policy: “SpaceX personnel must not store or use any psychoactive substances at the workplace, whether legal or illegal. If a person is caught while intoxicated, he must pass a drug test, if a positive result is taken, measures will be taken against him. disciplinary nature. ”

SpaceX Upgrades Business Model

NASA signed the first contract with SpaceX in 2008 for the delivery of cargo to the ISS. In the period from 2015 to 2016, the company was unable to put two rockets into orbit and was criticized by the employer. The cause of mission failures was an overly tight work schedule for the organization’s employees. The head of the SpaceX personnel department, Brian Velde, said that most of the specialists worked from 50 to 57 hours a week, many stayed until 23:00 and played Quake III to “let off steam”. In 2015, the company conducted a global restructuring and reduced the burden on experts.

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