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Hole house, cave house, underground house, mirror, glass… It turns out that in our time there are still people who still prefer to live in dugouts and bunkers. There are the strangest and most amazing houses in the world, which are also not so easy to discover! But we found them all. It isn’t a secret that people nowadays want to show their beloved property to their neighbors and enter the Guinness Book of Records as owners of the most luxurious choruses. We know as we have fairytale cottages for sale on MyReProperty. Someone erects a real palace on their site, someone invites the most famous architect to build a house, and someone decorates the territory with luxurious gardens that will be envied in Versailles. We have collected for you houses that have become famous for their inconspicuousness and ability to blend in with the environment. If you are planning to dig yourself a bunker or settle in a Hobbit hole — you are here!

What is a fairytale house?

Do you enjoy fairy tales? Fairy-tale style is often associated with a small hut, an English cottage in the Tudor style, with a Norman castle or a French provincial house. Projects of houses in a fabulous style are rarely higher than 2 floors. The asymmetrical facade with a complex steep roof is the difference of a fabulous style. These mysterious homes that look fabulous both outside and inside seem to have been created by real dreamers and fantasy lovers. All these buildings are real, made of real building materials. It is simply impossible to pass by such a building without taking out a camera and capturing it in a photo or video.

As an example a couple of architects Jacob Wenzling and Sarah Underwood specialize in the construction of houses in the middle of the forest. Thanks to the use of wood and a roof made of grass and moss, their works dissolve as much as possible in a wild environment, resembling fairytale buildings. They named their new facility in the northwestern United States Castle Cabin - Castle Hut.

Three volumes of different heights, from which the house is formed, really resemble castle towers in some way. Their walls are finished with wooden tiles, and the roof is abundantly landscaped. It seems that the building was created by the forest itself, but in fact it is the work of a man.
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If you are interested we propose a list of the most incredible homes to live from all over the world. As you know tastes differ and every piece of property is absolutely unique and what is more 100% comfortable and cozy.

Organic Hole House -Fairytale House inMexico

This unusual house was built near Mexico City by architect Javier Senosiain in 1984. Organic House has an area of 174 square meters and, with the exception of the living room, is almost completely underground. In plan, it resembles a peanut: two oval halls connected by a narrow corridor. The house has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom — in short, everything that is necessary for the life of a modern hobbit!

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Woodpile Studio - Fairytale House in Netherlands

The building was designed by designer Piet Hein Eek. Its rough facade fits perfectly into the suburban landscape, and a lot of sunlight is let through the windows directly into the recording studio.

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Invisible Bra - Fairytale House in New York

The idea to completely cover the wooden structure with a reflective film belongs to the company STPMJ from Brooklyn. The building reflects the nearby park, so it's not so easy to spot.

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Juniper Fairytale House,Sweden

Swedish architects Hans Murman and Ulla Alberts came up with a house that is almost invisible from some angles. Unlike the previous one, it has no reflective elements. The designers used photos of the surrounding trees applied to a special fabric.

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Transparent skyscraper The Pinnacle, Nashville, USA

This 29-storey transparent skyscraper is located in the south of the USA. In addition to the original design, this building is also green — it has a gold certificate for energy efficiency, as well as a huge roof garden.

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Green Box -Fairytale House inItaly

Many people dream of turning their garage into a studio or a bachelor cave, but only a few dare to do it. The Italian studio didn't just update it, it allowed nature to do it. Climbing and flowering plants now completely cover the metal frame.

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Underground House Aloni, Greece

This Athenian villa is impossible to find if you don't know the exact geotag. It is actually a beautiful underground house, the roof of which is supported by two stone walls.

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Battleship House The Desert House, California, USA

Thanks to the unusual design, which the architect Ken Kellogg was inspired by the battleship, the house is completely protected from the winds and heat inherent in the desert. The building fits seamlessly into the rocky landscape due to the materials used: concrete, glass, copper and steel.

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Glass Farm, Netherlands

A new building covering an architectural monument will outrage anyone. To avoid such a misunderstanding, Dutch architects from MVRDV designed an office complex in the form of a classic old farm (only enlarged several times), and the walls were made of glass. But not a simple transparent one, but from special glass panels, on which photo fragments of real old farms are applied.

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The Dune House, Florida, USA

It's good to live near the beach, and living on the beach is even better! Back in 1975, architect William Morgan invented and built this house on the Atlantic Ocean coast.

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Each of us, as a child, wanted to get into a fairy tale. Some dreamed of settling in the house of Bilbo Baggins, some to go on adventures with Scandinavian gods or meet elves living in Celtic forests, and some longed to meet the mistress of the Copper Mountain from the fairy tale of the same name. And even now, when we have grown up, not all of us have left dreams of fabulous adventures. The good news, they can become real. After all, there are cute fairytale houses foer sale, huts and shacks scattered all over the world, reminiscent of our childhood and as if descended from the pages of our favorite stories.

Fairytale House - Most Incredible Houses for Sale - MyReProperty (2024)


Where are the big houses in the UK? ›

Surrey Heath, a local authority area which includes towns such as Camberley and Bagshot, has the most spacious newly-built houses or flats in the country with an average size of 203.3 square metres (2188sq ft).

What is a fairytale house? ›

Many of the architectural elements we associate with homes seen in fairytales—thatched roofs, natural stone façades, or asymmetrical dormers and windows—aren't new things.

Are American houses bigger than UK? ›

The average house size in the UK is 818 sqft (square feet). Compare that to the average house in the US at 2,164 sqft and you can see that things really are bigger in the US. For many Americans moving to the UK, the space difference can be shocking.

Who is the richest landowner in the UK? ›

The largest landowner in Britain is the Forestry Commission owning about 2.5 million acres. The biggest single owner after that is the Crown Estates (which support the Monarch and civil list) - in the region of 677,000 acres.

What makes a good fairy house? ›

Gather only building materials found in nature, such as sticks, stones, shells, nuts, feathers, acorns and pine cones. Let your imagination run wild, but never disturb nature—fairies do not take kindly to uprooting any living thing including flowers, ferns, and moss.

What are fairy houses called? ›

Fairy houses (also called woodland dwellings) are a beautiful, enchanting way to explore and enjoy nature. They use natural, found objects and can be as simple or as complex as you like. Here are a few tips to get you started.

What are fairy tale houses called? ›

The Storybook style of architecture is famously associated with the Cotswolds. With arched doorways, thatched roofs and inglenook fireplaces, these houses look straight out of a fairy tale, which is why they are sometimes also known as 'fairy tale houses'.

Where is the biggest housing estate in the UK? ›

Becontree in The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham is generally considered to be the largest council estate (in terms of population).

Where are Britain's most expensive houses? ›

The Most Expensive Homes in Every County, from Surrey to Northumberland
  • Queen Anne Manor House, Bedfordshire, £7,950,000. ...
  • Ockwells Manor, Berkshire, £7,950,000. ...
  • Denham Place, Buckinghamshire, £75,000,000. ...
  • Adams Road, Cambridgeshire, £6,000,000. ...
  • Country House, Cheshire, £12,500,000. ...
  • The Westin, City of London, £6,655,000.
Oct 11, 2023

Where are the nicest houses in UK? ›

Top 10 Most Beautiful Country Houses in the UK
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  • Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire. ...
  • Osbourne House, Isle of Wight. ...
  • Attingham Park, Shropshire. ...
  • Cliveden House, Berkshire. ...
  • Harewood House. ...
  • Highclere Castle. ...
  • Longleat House.

Where are the biggest houses located? ›

Istana Nurul Imam Palace is the biggest house in the world is situated in Brunei which is a residence of King or Sultan of the official government.

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